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    Insulin cooler refrigerated box products series such as battery cooler, small refrigerator,horizontal mini fridge and small medication refrigerator, etc.

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  • How Many Ways as to Carry Insulin along? Just Try M-cool Insulin Cool Box

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    • How Many Ways as to Carry Insulin along? Just Try M-cool Insulin Cool Box


    It is well-known that diabetes is a quite common disease, which is especially prevalent in the group of aged people. According to relevant statistical data, this disease is posing a serious threat to the nation’s health as the number of diabetics in China in 2013 is as large as 98.4 million, ranking the top of world.    


    portable cooler box for sale


    For those diabetics, apart from being careful with their diets, under special circumstances, they have to inject some medicine in order to lower down blood glucose. Insulin, as a protein hormone, has become a necessity for blood glucose reduction. Insulin can play its biological effect under body temperature. However, such protein is quite likely to degenerate under high temperature. Then, how to better store and carry insulin along in a burning-hot summer? Just get an M-cool portable cooler box for sale to solve all your trouble!

    For most people, summer is a good season for travel. However, for diabetics, they must remember to put insulins inside the M-cool insulin cool box and then carry the box with them when travel outside. Experts also warn that for diabetics who may take an airplane to travel, it is better to choose professional insulin cool box with good seal and refrigerating effect, because the temperature inside a car may be high, which may easily damage the quality of insulin. Now, let’s know something about it together with our editor.      

    The editor has learnt from Civil Aviation Administration that any passenger who carries an electronic device containing a lithium battery with a capacity of more than 100Wh, but less than 160Wh is allowed to board any plane, but such device must be carried with oneself rather than consigned. For those diabetics who want to travel even in the peak tourist season, they can place insulins inside the M-cool insulin cool box, which may also bring them an easy and enjoyable journey while preventing insulins from being damaged.

    For such trouble faced by diabetics, the editor has learnt from the person in charge of Kun Shan Si Ze Yuan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. that M-cool portable insulin cool boxes mainly use Samsung-made lithium batteries, since this complies with relevant national regulations. In addition, with high safety performance and large capacity, the unit can be working for more than 24 hours. Users are allowed to carry it with them while boarding onto a plane, thus diabetics won’t feel troubled as for how to carry insulin with them.   

    A user of M-cool portable insulin cool box told us that he dared not to go out since he got diabetes and the situation changes until some time ago, his daughter bought him an insulin cool box. It can be used very conveniently. With only 20.7 cm by exterior length, its refrigerating chamber can be as high as 17.5 cm, which almost equals to a primary school student’s pencil box. Moreover, with stable voltage, it can maintain a constant temperature and rarely has any temperature fluctuation. The most important is that it is particularly useful. It has a built-in lithium battery which can power the unit normally. It can be used normally for more than 24 hours even though there is no any power supply. It looks like carrying a small medicine refrigerator when you go out with it, which is quite convenient.

    The editor has also learnt from the person in charge of the company that throughout many years of efforts and development, now M-cool portable insulin cool boxes have been exported to many countries or territories, including West Europe, Middle East, Australia and Southeast Asian. The company has realized its all-round development by upholding people-oriented management philosophy and following such management ideas as “customer foremost and sincere service”.  

    With people’s increasingly demand on healthy and quality life, M-cool portable insulin cool box has gradually played the important role it should have played, which is to provide diabetics with a healthier and more convenient way of living. 

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