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  • What is the Ideal Temperature for the Storage of Insulin?

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    • What is the Ideal Temperature for the Storage of Insulin?


    What is the ideal temperature for the storage of insulin? In general, information you search from internet can either be one-sided and less completed or appear in long paragraph with no focus. Editor from M-cool“s best cooler for insulin will answer you the question regarding what is the appropriate storage temperature for insulin from a practical standpoint.

    best cooler for insulin

    First of all, insulin may become less effective. A decrease in the titer of insulin may affect the effect of its use. Many reasons can cause insulin to become ineffective. For example, it is likely for insulin to become ineffective if it is stored in an environment where the temperature is high. Violent shaking may also lead to insulin failure. Those are mainly because of the break of disulfide bonds that connect molecules inside insulin.  

    What is the storage temperature for insulin?
    Then what is the ideal temperature for the storage of insulin? Insulin is a medicine that is quite sensitive to temperature. Generally speaking, the doctor will suggest that it should be stored in an environment with temperature ranging from 2 to 8 ℃. Then, must the insulin be stored under that kind of environment?   

    In fact, in an environment with temperature ranging from 2 to 8℃, insulin can be stored for 2 to 3 years without losing its effect. Even under an indoor temperature (which is 25℃), insulin can be effective for 4 weeks (a month).

    It is recommended that insulin should not be stored in a environment with temperature higher than 25℃ or less than 0℃. Insulin can not be frozen.

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