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    M-cool has a long history of producing high quality insulin cold box, the products we offer have advanced design, new style, stable property.

    If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. We offer the best insulin cooler refrigerated box,vaccine cold box and portable cooler box with nice price.

    Insulin cooler refrigerated box products series such as battery cooler, small refrigerator,horizontal mini fridge and small medication refrigerator, etc.

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  • Notes on Use of Mini Fridge for Medicine (1)

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    • Notes on Use of Mini Fridge for Medicine (1)


    At first, you should ensure that the operating environment is in compliance with the standard. The most suitable temperature to store the drug is 32 to 10 degrees Celsius. In addition, the power supply is stable, which best supply voltage is 220V + 5V. 

    For the first time use, you should remove the package and after static set 30 minutes, you can power up and use mini fridge for medicine. Min fridge for medicine should use the independent socket, and the power socket bear the current should be more than 10A, and must be grounded firmly.

    Min fridge for medicine

    Mini fridge for medicine has microcomputer control system. So if you needn’t adjust parameters, you won’t touch button. Its parameters had set up in the process of producing.  If you need adjust the parameters, please read the instructions in detail.

    Before placing food in mini medical fridge, you ought to ensure that the temperature in mini fridge for medicine is in the range of temperature stably. And you can place the items which need cold storage in different time and put a small amount of items at a time.

    Min fridge for medicine

    It is forbidden to place items in the bottom or close to the top of the container. And there should be a proper gap between the items, so that the air can flow in inside of mini fridge for medicine. 

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