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    M-cool has a long history of producing high quality insulin cold box, the products we offer have advanced design, new style, stable property.

    If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. We offer the best insulin cooler refrigerated box,vaccine cold box and portable cooler box with nice price.

    Insulin cooler refrigerated box products series such as battery cooler, small refrigerator,horizontal mini fridge and small medication refrigerator, etc.

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  • Diabetics can’t Travel a Long Distance? An Insulin Cool Box That can be Brought onto a Plane Becomes Popular

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    • Diabetics can’t Travel a Long Distance? An Insulin Cool Box That can be Brought onto a Plane Becomes Popular


    As the Spring Festival is coming, many families will choose to spend their festival days by traveling around. However, many diabetics who need insulin start feeling troubled. Why? Insulin, as a treatment medicine that can be injected into the body to lower down blood glucose, has long become a close partner of diabetics who use it to effectively control their blood glucoses. The question is how for us to better store and carry insulin? Recently, M-cool insulin cool box has gradually drawn the attention from the public, especially from those diabetics. What on earth can such a small cool box solve our worries about long distance travel.     


    best insulin mini fridge


    As it is well known to us all, the particular requirement on the refrigeration of insulin more often brings inconvenience to diabetics, for if it is improperly stored, it may be quite likely to degenerate under high temperature, resulting a reduction in medical effect. Now it is totally unnecessary for our diabetics to worry about this as they can put insulin into the M-cool insulin cool box for refrigeration, thus to protect it from being damaged by high temperature. In this way, they can enjoy all the pleasure of traveling. Be it for the travel during the Spring Festival or for a travel in tropical area, this technical innovation has not only led the reformation of this trade, more importantly, it has solved the trouble for many diabetics. The small cool box will not be afraid of any high temperature even it is for a travel in a burning-hot summer or for a travel in tropical area. Diabetics can then just concentrate themselves on enjoying the sunshine and the beach, on tasting delicacies from foreign countries and on exploring the fantastic feeling in tropical rain forest, what an enjoyable feeling this will be!    

    Then some careful diabetics have found another importance issue, which is whether this insulin cool box can be brought onto an airplane. For this, the editor has specifically asked the Civil Aviation Administration, which told us that any passenger who carries an electronic device containing a lithium battery with a capacity of more than 100Wh, but less than 160Wh is allowed to board any plane, but such device must be carried with oneself rather than consigned. M-cool insulin cool boxes mainly adopt Samsung lithium battery as its power supply, which not only satisfy relevant regulations from the Civil Aviation Administration, but it is also deeply favored by diabetics since it has long working time, large capacity and good refrigerating effect. Since it can be carried along on the plane, it is no longer a dream for us to travel freely while bringing this best insulin mini fridge with us.    

    M-cool insulin cool box has been loved by more and more consumers due to the outstanding quality assurance and convenient product service. Also for this reason, M-cool has entered into the international market and its products have been exported to many countries or territories, including West Europe, Middle East, Australia and Southeast Asian, thereby realizing its brand concept as to provide service to the world and ensuring healthier and more convenient lives for more diabetics.           

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