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    Insulin cooler refrigerated box products series such as battery cooler, small refrigerator,horizontal mini fridge and small medication refrigerator, etc.

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  • M-cool Insulin Cool Box-A Golden House for Insulin Storage

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    • M-cool Insulin Cool Box-A Golden House for Insulin Storage


    Due to a number of factors, such as the increase in living conditions, the change in dietary structure, the increasingly fast pace of life and a living style featuring little movement but more sitting, the incidence of diabetes in the world is increasing rapidly and after tumor and vascular diseases, it has become the third chronic disease that poses great threat to the health of human beings. Now, the incidence of diabetes in China is as high as 9.6%. There are already more than 94 million diabetics and also there is notable trend that patients have become younger. As indicated by the data, the prevalence of such disease is as high as 3.2% among young people of 20-39 years old, an age that represents the golden period for one’s personal life and career development. If their diabetes can not be effectively controlled, it may cause serious impact to their normal working and living.      

    It is well-known that insulin is the buster of diabetes and has already been applied in the clinic as early as in 1922. It has experienced 3 leap forward developments, which is from animal insulin to human insulin, then to insulin analogue, during which the lives of innumerable number of diabetics have been saved, bringing them with the hope for health. However, the vitality of insulin is never as strong as it curative effect, on the contrary, it is quite delicate. Insulin, as a biological agent, must be preserved properly during its use, which neither can be exposed to heat or direct sunshine, nor be frozen or subject to large bump, because all those factors can result in insulin failure due to the break of disulfide bonds which connect molecules inside insulin. The best storage temperature for insulin is 2-8℃ and its biological effect will remain effective for as long as it is in its effective period.              

     best mini fridge for travel


    This storage condition won’t be so difficult to meet for those retired. However, it means a lot of trouble for those young people who are working hard for their careers. How can you store insulin when you are in office, on a business trip or traveling around? Obviously, no patient can bring a normal refrigerator while walking around, but we do have another “refrigerator” that can complete the storage task perfectly, which is the M-cool insulin cool box.

    M-cool insulin cool box is a “golden house” for insulin storage, which is elaborately designed by Kun Shan Si Ze Yuan after many years of research. With 8 highlights, best mini fridge for travel perfectly suits the demand of those people who are on their business trips or traveling around.  

    Highlight 1: It adopts a design style, the minimalism, originated from Europe and America, which uses the reasonable layout, flowing lines and quality materials to build a fine artwork based on an industrial design.     

    Highlight 2: It has features including small in size, light weight and portable. Its net weight is only 680g, which is suitable to be carried along. Tips: Insulin can not be consigned together with your luggage. Because the temperature in luggage area can be lower than 0℃, which will cause insulin lose effect.

    Highlight 3: It features large capacity, which allows you to store insulin that can last for several months without worrying the possibility that it may run out while you are still on a business trip.   

    Highlight 4: It has long battery life since it adopts high price Samsung lithium batteries, which has larger capacity and more mature technology. The built-in lithium battery has a capacity up to 10400mAh, while the capacity of external lithium battery is as high as 20000mAh. Together, the overall battery life is more than 24 hours and is compatible with a number of charging modes.       

    Highlight 5: It has long service life. The original refrigeration module imported from Japan has a service life that is twice as long as that of domestic similar products.   

    Highlight 6: Ultra-silence technology, ensuring environmental friendly while in use.      

    Highlight 7: Refrigerating at a constant temperature while offering long storage time. It adopts semiconductor chip for refrigeration. Auto temperature control provides the best storage temperature.             

    Highlight 8: High resolution displayer plus super large fonts gives you a better indication of the inside temperature and power status.    

    Kun Shan Si Ze Yuan thinks more and looks far ahead for diabetics. M-cool insulin cool box, a golden house for insulin storage, is the result of an endeavor and dedicated production by the company. It will solve all your troubles with insulin storage, at any time and in any place, be it on your business trip or when you are traveling around.

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