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  • How to Carry Insulin along in Summer? M-cool Insulin Cool Box Protects Your Health by Protecting Your Insulin

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    • How to Carry Insulin along in Summer? M-cool Insulin Cool Box Protects Your Health by Protecting Your Insulin


    Diabetes is a quite common aging-associated disease. Apart from being careful with the diet, many diabetics will choose to inject some medicine in order to lower down blood glucose, i.e. insulin, as it is well-known to us all. Insulin is a protein hormone that exists in human body, where it can play its biological effect under body temperature. However, such protein will loose its biological activity if it becomes solidified in an environment with high temperature. For this reason, how to store and carry insulin along in a burning-hot summer has become a question that draws more attention from many diabetics who receive insulin injection as their treatment.     

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    In response to this question, Professor Zheng Huifen, a well-known diabetes expert in Beijing, introduces us about a few requirements that should be paid attention to when we store insulin in summer. She told us that in general, insulin is relatively stable and its normal storage temperature is 2-8℃. Once it is opened, it should be stored in a cool indoor environment with temperature less than 25℃. It is worth noting that there is no need to store insulin in a refrigerator, needless to say frozen it. Moreover, high temperature will soon degenerate it and make it ineffective, therefore, insulin should not be stored under high temperature.

    Zheng Huifen tells the journalist that since summer is a good season for travel. During traveling, many diabetics do bring insulin with them by putting it into a heat insulation container or bag. Among so many similar products that are being used by diabetics, M-cool insulin cool box is the one that is more frequently used. As it is being shown by Professor Zheng, features including small in size, light weight, easy to carry and high capacity has made it an indispensable partner being carried along by many diabetics.

    Comparing with those traditional insulin cool boxes, M-cool mini fridge 12v for sale has extremely significant characteristics. First of all, it is an electronic device that is exclusively used to refrigerate insulin. It lowers the temperature inside the box down to the standard suitable for the long term storage of insulin by combining both the semiconductor refrigeration technology and low power battery energy, in this way, insulin is safely protected and avoid failure due to high temperature. The Manager of its Marketing Department introduces that M-cool insulin cool box has been designed based on the storage temperature of insulin and that even it is in a hot summer, insulin can still be protected for months. In addition, M-cool insulin cool box adopts FM approved Germany-made high density heat insulation material, which contains no hazard materials, such as fiber dust and formaldehyde. The imported Japan-made refrigeration chip has ensured the stability of core module and prolonged the service life of the core module.               

    In terms of its shape, M-cool insulin cool box has taken user demands into its sufficient consideration. In view of the internal capacity and product performance, it has won the favor from many diabetics by the choice of a mini outline dimension. Though in the size of 207mm(L)*94mm(W)*91mm(H), its net weight is only 780g. A mini body yet with super long working time. According to the introduction, M-cool insulin cool box adopts two high capacity Samsung lithium batteries, one built-in and one external, allowing users to use them in a reasonable combination, thus to easily realize a working time of 24 hours. The super long working time may reduce your worry during the travel and bring you with more energy and care.  

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