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    M-cool has a long history of producing high quality insulin cold box, the products we offer have advanced design, new style, stable property.

    If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. We offer the best insulin cooler refrigerated box,vaccine cold box and portable cooler box with nice price.

    Insulin cooler refrigerated box products series such as battery cooler, small refrigerator,horizontal mini fridge and small medication refrigerator, etc.

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  • Boot Time of The Medical Fridge is Too Long?

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    • Boot Time of The Medical Fridge is Too Long?


    If the medical fridge operate normally, the thermostat (or sensor) automatically controls the opening and stopping of the refrigerator. When the refrigerator runs for a long time, the temperature controller (or sensor) will control the press to stop working when the set stop temperature is reached. With the temperature rise, the temperature controller (or sensor) will control the press began to work. There are several reasons for the long start time of the refrigerator.

    medical fridge
    a.    High ambient temperature: When the ambient temperature is high, the heat dissipation of the medical fridge is slow and the speed of the temperature drop is also slow down, resulting in the boot time extended. While the temperature rise faster leading to a short down time.

    b.    Stall adjustment is too high: The higher the gear position is, the lower the temperature of the medical fridge is, the longer the stop point is. If the environment temperature is higher, the temperature control device in the high-grade, which may cause the refrigerator does not stop.

    medical fridge
    c.    Put many items to medical fridge in one time: When the medical fridge is running, the unit time of the cooling capacity is certain. So it will be cost long time to make the many items achieve certain temperature. 

    d.    Door doesn't fit very tightly: if the door doesn't fit very tightly, it will cause scattered cool, which lead to lack of air-conditioning in the medical fridge.


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