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    M-cool has a long history of producing high quality insulin cold box, the products we offer have advanced design, new style, stable property.

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    Insulin cooler refrigerated box products series such as battery cooler, small refrigerator,horizontal mini fridge and small medication refrigerator, etc.

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  • What is the Best Brand for Insulin Cool Box? M-cool, Your Trustworthy Quality Brand

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    • What is the Best Brand for Insulin Cool Box? M-cool, Your Trustworthy Quality Brand


    Along with the development of today’s society, many diseases keep attacking people’s lives, especially for some diabetics, apart from being careful with their diets, they will have to inject some medicine in order to lower down blood glucose, in this case, insulin will be their top choice among so many medicines. Then how for us to carry insulin along more conveniently in such a burning-hot summer, what is the best brand for insulin cool box. In the following paragraph, the editor will explain and clear up your confusions.   


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    To know what the best brand for insulin cool box is, we need to know the property of insulin first. For this reason, the editor had an interview with Professor Zheng Huifen, a well-known diabetes expert in Beijing, who told us that in general, insulin is relatively stable and its normal storage temperature is 2-8℃. Once it is opened, it should be stored in a cool indoor environment with temperature less than 25℃. In summer which is a good season for travel, insulin has to be carried along by diabetics who are traveling outside, so insulin cool box will be used more often. Therefore M-cool insulin cool box will no doubt become the best choice for many diabetics for it features small in size, large capacity, light weight and portable.

    Directed by Doctor Zheng, the editor comes to visit the manufacturer of M-cool branded mini fridge for sale – Kun Shan Si Ze Yuan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. As it is introduced by the person in charge of its R&D Department that M-cool insulin cool box is an electronic device that is exclusively used to refrigerate insulin. It lowers the temperature inside the box down to the standard suitable for the long term storage of insulin by combining both the semiconductor refrigeration technology and low power battery energy. In addition, the advanced technology, quite novel style and stable performance of each function has satisfied the demands of many users to a maximum extent. Now, the products of the company have been sold across the world, winning good remarks and supports from users around the world. In the future, it will appear an even larger trend of development and space for growth.                

    The editor has also learnt from the Manager of the Marketing Department of M-cool that M-cool insulin cool box has been designed based on the storage temperature of insulin and that even it is in a hot summer, insulin can still be protected for months. In addition, M-cool insulin cool box adopts FM approved Germany-made high density heat insulation material, which contains no hazard materials, such as fiber dust and formaldehyde. The imported Japan-made refrigeration chip has ensured the stability of core module and prolonged the service life of the core module. Excellent quality and user-end performance has become the major advantages through which M-cool wins its market share.  

    As a diabetic, Mr. Chen, aged 54, has been tortured by the diseases for quite a long time. The sufferings resulted from being unable to go out for a walk or travel is beyond his expression. However, Mr. Chen’s life has changed completely since the use of M-cool insulin cool box. I dared not to go out as I was worry about any sudden increase of my blood glucose, then I must inject insulin. Not only my health can not be guaranteed, but also this may bring inconvenience to people around me, so most of the time, I can do nothing but stay at home. Mr. Chen says that his life has become healthier since his daughter bought him an M-cool insulin cool box some time ago. Now he dares to go anywhere as long as he has “the box” with him.  

    As an insulin cool box deeply trusted by many diabetics, its perfect shape and portable weight have made it a palm-top refrigerator for many diabetics. In the future, M-cool will continue to create more value for its customers, thereby realizing a win-win relation between the enterprise and its customers.  

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