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M-cool is a Registered trademark of KunShan SiZeYuan Automatic Equipment Co.,Ltd (KunShan SiZeYuan for short). M-cool insulin cold box is an electronic equipment special for insulin cold storage. This equipment mixes the semiconductor refrigeration technology with low power core energy to make the temperature of the box suitable for storing the insulin for a long time. The M-cool insulin cold box is small, light, easy to carry, capacious and durable. >>more

How Many Ways as to Carry Insulin along? Just Try M-cool Insulin Cool Box

It is well-known that diabetes is a quite common disease, which is especially prevalent in the group of aged people.

Portable Mini Fridge

The portable mini fridge belong to a small refrigerator, which can be used in indoor, outdoor, and on the way or in the Office. And the portable mini fridge can keep the food and drink fresh. It is equipped with cooling and heating function.... 2016-04-15 16:07:41

The Knowledge -Car Refrigerator

The car refrigerator refers to the portable mini fridge which can be used in car. And car refrigerator have become a popular and new generation of refrigeration, refrigeration equipment in international market in recent years.... 2016-04-15 16:04:30

Notes on Initial Use of Small Refrigerator

At first, you should check whether the position of small refrigerator is in accordance with the requirements, and whether the attachment is complete according to the packing slip.Second, you can read the small refrigerator............... 2016-04-05 16:51:21

The Use of Small Refrigerator

If the ambient temperature is low (below 10 degrees Celsius), please turn on the small refrigerator temperature compensation switch for normal use. If the temperature is low and you won’t turn on temperature compensation switch,... 2016-04-01 16:56:07

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Can the temperature of the box be operated?

How many years can the cold box be used?